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on Elisabthplatz

Location: Elisabethplatz

Friday, 5th July | 7 - 11 pm

Thursday, 11th July | 7.30 pm

Saturday, 13th July | 8 pm

free Entry

What would a festival be without music? On the opening evening and on two days without a European Championship match, concerts at the festival center on Elisabethplatz invite you to dance and listen to music together. With a wide range of genres, there is something for everyone: Ian Jakab aka IbuProPhet kicks off the festival with his "DJ bike" and a mix of international music. If you want to relax during the break before the European Championship final, a double evening of live electronic sounds from "Laurent" and indie pop from the duo "Forward Rain Boy" with Schauburg actor Michael Schröder and filmmaker Patrick Wallochny will bring you to Elisabethplatz. The final concert of the festival will be given by the young local Munich band "Falschgeld".


Free Entry to all concerts & parties!

In case of rain, the concerts will unfortunately have to be canceled without substitution!




DJ-Bike "IbuProPhet"

Ian Jakab aka IbuProPhet brings you the best remedy for world-weariness: having grown up on three continents, he mixes you a record cocktail of juicy South and Central American cumbias, forgotten world beats and chilled ragga-reagge dub with a dash of oriental grooves - in short, music for the soul. Definitely no placebo. In 2021, he designed the "DJ-BIKE": a solar-powered cargo pedelec with a built-in sound system and a DJ booth. Flexible to set up in urban spaces, it offers artists an innovative platform for their work in public spaces and makes the diversity of Munich's music culture visible.


Friday, 5th July | 7 pm



The young Munich musician Laurent will be playing German (melodic) cloud rap on the square. His music is inspired by English-speaking artists such as XXXTentacion and Lil Peep.  His music is created to the spherical beats of, who has been working with him as a producer and DJ for years.


Thursday, 11th July | 7:30 pm with Forward Rain Boy

Forward Rain Boy

Forward Rain Boy make eloquent rap vocals as an indie pop duo: filmmaker Patrick Wallochny and actor Michael Schröder. The sad sadness never seemed to leave the two friends completely, so they stopped wishing away their rain clouds and started using their sadness as a kind of drive to sing you to a better place with the help of German indie pop. Turn the cloud sidways and give it to him, says the Forward Rain Boy"



Thursday, 11th July | 7:30 pm



Falschgeld are young, from Munich and make dirty indie pop rock with German lyrics, stylistically somewhere between TonSteineScherben, Wanda and AnnenMayKantereit - in their own words: "IndieRockPopFunkReaggae". The punky attitude of the four pop louts, who have been making music together since childhood and deliver a correspondingly powerful performance, contrasts with profound and thoughtful lyrics that will be released later this year on their debut album with the participation of Franz Ferdinand guitarist Nick McCarthy.




Saturday, 13th July | 8 pm

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