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De Dansers (NL)


A dance concert
German premiere

location: schwere reiter
Wednesday, 10th July | 10 am
Thursday, 11th July | 7 pm

In “Hush”, De Dansers find comfort in dance and music. A hand resting on a shoulder; a second voice that follows you where you go; a rhythm that you let yourself glide into like an embrace. Dancers and musicians meet each other at the boundary of dance performance and pop concert. Dancers become musicians and musicians become dancers. Guitar spins push performers into each others’ arms. Dancing bodies determine the rhythm of the music. “Hush” tells stories of attention and devotion. When you have the bear the world (on your shoulders), it helps not to be alone.


DeDansers is an ensemble of dancers and musicians from Utrecht, led by the choreographer and dancer Josephine van Rheenen and the composer and musician Guy Corneille. Their “dance concerts” are organic encounters between contemporary dance and live music. They tell stories with playful anarchy that will be understood by anyone. DeDansers creates pieces to counter the feeling of immovability.

Concept: Guy Corneille, Josephine van Rheenen

Choreography: Josephine van Rheenen together with the Ensemble

Live music and dance: Ruben van Asselt, Guy Corneille, Yoko Haveman, Marie Khatib-Shahidi, Wannes De Porre, Hans Vermunt | Set and Lighting design: Timme Afschrift | Costumes: Carlijn Petermeijer | Sound engineering: Chieljan van der Hoek/ Jorn Kortooms/Mees van Oosterhout | Dramaturgy: Moniek Merkx Production 

Thanks to: Simon Mayer and Hannah Shakti Bühler

Support: Gemeente Utrecht, Fonds Podiumkunsten

location: schwere reiter

Wednesday, 10th July | 10 am

Thursday, 11th July | 7 pm

60 min. | 14+

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