Sabine Karb - ICH WAR DAS NICHT! _01 © J
Sabine Karb - ICH WAR DAS NICHT!  © Johannes Sternagel

29. + 30.6.

Sabine Karb

Every child and every adult has experienced it: They were blatantly lied to. In "It was not me!", nobody is innocent, everything is denied, everyone is evasive, it is always other people’s fault, and everyone feels treated unfairly. Who can be trusted here? Who still stands behind their words and their actions?


The performers Sabine Karb, Lisa Lugo, and Barbara Galli-Jesheck examine in "It was not me!" investigates causes and effects of not wanting to or not being able to admit to something. The dance merges with an acoustic level. This has arisen from a soundcollage, which was developed with pupils from primary school in Munich. The dancers delve with pleasure into their own rich experiences and playfully show that the truth often does not hurt as much as you might first fear.

June 29th, 11am, primary school Schererplatz

June 30th, 11 am, primary school Kafkastraße

dance theater


Idea & Choreography: Sabine Karb

Dance: Lisa Lugo, Barbara Galli-Jescheck, Sabine Karb

Music: Loni Lipp und Daniel Lipp

Light design: Rainer Ludwig


It is funded by the Cultural Department of the City of Munich and the Bavarian State Association for Contemporary Dance with funds from the Bavarian State Ministry for Education and Culture und the Cultural foundation of the Stadtsparkasse München. Sabine Karb is a guest of Tanztendenz München e.V.