Regina Rossi - DANCE MACHINES © Gloria Schulz
Regina Rossi - DANCE MACHINES © Gloria Schulz

Regina Rossi


location: schools (closed event)
Tuesday, 5th July, 10 am
Wednesday, 6th July, 10 am

Concept & Choreography: Regina Rossi | From and with: Katharina Duve, Regina Rossi | Live Video-Collages: Katharina Duve | Dramaturgy: Kirsten Bremehr | Costume: Katharina Duve | Mentoring: Sibylle Peters

This could be the school of the future: The Brasilian choreographer fuses virtual, analogue, and auditory worlds in her piece “Dance Machines”. The artistic team around Rossi has designed a futuristic dance lesson, which the students experience on their own bodies via VR glasses and headphones: The galactic-utopian avatars of two professional dancers meet the audience in the virtual dance studio. They give movement impulses, ask questions and guide the audience through dance steps and choreographies. “Dance Machines” humorously plays with the perception of body and movement across different media and explores the virtual space as a place for dance.


Regina Rossi studied applied drama studies in Porto Alegre / Brasil, performance studies in Hamburg, and choreography in Amsterdam. She is currently working on her doctorate in applied drama studies / Gießen with Prof. Bojana Kunst. She has lived and worked in Hamburg since 2009. As a performer, Rossi has collaborated with Ted Stoffer, Antje Pfundtner, Barbara Fuchs, and Sylvi Kretzschmar, amongst others. Since 2011, the choreographer has been producing her own pieces, which are of a feminist character in topics as well as in aesthetics. Her “Trilogy of exhaustion“ (2011, 2013, 2014) saw her dealing with Brazil’s body and movement culture and was followed by “Gloom” (2016 and “2lips” (2019). “Lusco Fusco“ (2018) was her first work for a young audience. Since then, one focus of her work has been to teach dance and performance to children and young people.