Moritz Ostruschnjak - AUTOPLAY © Franziska Strauss
Moritz Ostruschnjak - AUTOPLAY © Franziska Strauss

Moritz Ostruschnjak


location: schwere reiter
Thursday, 7th July, 7 am
Friday, 8th July, 10 am and 7 am

Choreography: Moritz Ostruschnjak in collaboration with Daniela Bendini and the dancers | Dance: Annamaria Ajmone, Daniel Conant, Cristian Cucco, Antoine Roux-Briffaud | Video: Moritz Stumm | Music mixing & editing: Jonas Friedlich | Dramaturgy: Armin Kerber | Light: Andreas Harder Costume: Daniela Bendini, Renate Ostruschnjak | Sound engineering: Paolo Mariangeli | Production management: Hannah Melder

The artist as a genius, who can create original work out of nothing thanks to his creative powers, has disappeared in the digital moat. With “AUTOPLAY”, the Munich based choreographer Moritz Ostruschnjak has created a dance mash-up from 1,000 thefts, in which every copy & paste action is promoted to a leitmotif. Everything contained in it, has been there before: Every movement, every sound, every image is an objet trouvé from the world wide web, ranging from contemporary choreography to the Harlem Shake, from the video game “Fortnite” to the shampoo advertisement, from the selfie style on Instagram to the pose of Michelangelo’s David adopted globally in marketing – everything is re-combined, re-organised, and re-mixed. “AUTOPLAY” sends the audience into a space of never-ending hyperlinks, which result in the most unlikely connections, and combine to form a narrative. Utopia and consumer terror, sub culture and populism always are only one click away from each other.

In his work, Moritz Ostruschnjak deals with the changes in physical and social perception in the time of digitisation and virtualisation. Moritz Ostruschnjak orginally comes from the graffiti scene. He discovered his interest in contemporary dance via breakdance. He studied with Iwanson International in Munich and completed his training at Maurice Béjart in Lausanne. Engagements as a dancer followed at home and abroad. Since 2013, he has been working as a freelance choreographer in Munich. In 2020, he was awarded the Förderpreis Tanz of the city of Munich for his artistic work and in 2022, he received a three year option grant by the culturual department of the city of Munich.

A production by Moritz Ostruschnjak. Funded by culturual department of the city of Munich and by BLZT, BLZT, Bavarian State Association for Contemporary Dance with funds from the Bavarian State Ministry for Arts and Science. Realised by a residency at the Theater Freiburg. The artist is supported by the Netzwerk Grand Luxe 2019/20 and is a member of Tanztendenz München e.V.