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LIGNA - KLASSE KINDER © Ralf Grömminger

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Fancy play air piano and be a part of a dancing gang amongst unsuspecting passers-by and tourists? The dance performance "Klasse Kinder!" invites children between eight and twelve years to participate in an exceptional piece - in a public space or in the school building, equipped with headphones, over which a radio play is running in which stories and motion instructions mix. Thus, they conquer school and inner-city spaces and try out how to move together in a randomly assembled group without a leader.

The idea for the piece comes from the choreographer Jenny Gertz (1891-1966), an almost forgotten pioneer of modern dance and a visionary in working with children.

No previous knowledge is required to take part in “Klasse Kinder!”.

July 1st, 9 am and 11.15 am, primary school Türkenstraße

July 2nd, primary school Lycée Jean Renoir

mobile dance performance for children between 7 and 12 years

Creative direction, text, direction, production: LIGNA (Ole Frahm, Michael Hueners, Torsten Michaelsen)

Voices: Katharina Bach & children of class 4d of the Riederbergschule, Wiesbaden
Music: Elischa Kaminer
Choreographic accompaniment: Ekaterine Giorgadze

Choreographic advice: Stefanie Schmid

Mastering: Günter Reznicek
Costume design: Gloria Brillowska

A production by Tanzplattform Rhein-Main, in coproduction with Kampnagel and Hellerau European Center for the Arts Dresden, supported by the NATIONAL PERFORMANCE NETZ.