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Laika - Light/House© Kathleen Michiels
Laika & hetpaleis - Light/House © Kathleen Michiels

Laika & hetpaleis


location: Schauburg
Tuesday, 12th July, 10 am and 6 pm
Wednesday, 13th July, 9 am

Direction: Michai Geyzen | Cast: Pieter-Jan De Wyngaert, Christian Roe, Robbert Vervloet | Choreography: Young-Won Song | Dance: Young-Won Song | Music: Ephraïm Cielen | Sound: Tom Van den Brande | Dramaturgy:
Mieke Versyp | Stage: Peter De Bie | Costume: Vick Verachtert | Lightdesign: Thomas Stevens | Production: Pieter Smet, Robin Angst

A lighthouse stands on an island in the middle of an unpredictable sea. The lighthouse keeper ensures that the lamp stays on, regardless of the weather, day and night, without a break, even if it gets dangerous for himself. Out of a sense of duty, he guides the sailors through troubled waters to the safety of the harbour. His only companions are a work colleague and a poet, who looks for inspiration. The three men wait to be relieved. They dream of home, but nobody comes to get them. The world has forgotten about them. How much longer can they hold out? How long will they keep the fire alive in the lighthouse and in their hearts? How long before they go insane?

In his new piece for a young audience, Michai Geyzen tells the tale of the often romanticised, adventurous idea of the lighthouse keeper, of courageous people, who expose themselves to extreme solitude and extreme weather, at the mercy of nature and of themselves.

Since 1991, the Laika company creates a “theatre of the senses”, where the audience gets the chance to be surprised like children, who look at the world with a fresh set of eyes, and for whom everything is new and nothing is taken for granted. Artists from different disciplines collaborate and jointly develop insightful, expressive, and yet very accessible works for each production. With their largely text-free repertoire, they tour through all of Europe.

Coproduction: hetpaleis

location: Schauburg

Tuesday, 12th July, 10 am and 6 pm

Wednesday, 13th July, 9 am

60 min | 6+

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