Galli/Lindner/Paschke/Voigt - Playing Places © Uli Neumann - Cosel
Galli/Lindner/Paschke/Voigt - playing places © Uli Neumann - Cosel

Fokus Tanz 

playing places

location: Max-Joseph-Platz, 80539 Munich
Sunday, 10th July, 5 pm

Concept, Direction, Choreography: Barbara Galli-Jescheck, Simone Lindner, Lara Paschke, Katharina Voigt | Music: Jakob Lakner, Leonhard Kuhn | Architecture Dimension Adviser: Katharina Voigt | Dramaturgical advice: Peggy Olislaegers | Performers: Eléonore Bovet, Wiebke Dobers, Hella Maria Dräger, Chris-Pascal Englund Braun, Anima Henn, Hoyoung Im, Laura Manz, Serhat Perhat, Jawad Rajpoot, a.o. | Production management: Elsa Büsing | Photo: Uli Neumann-Cosel 

playing places is a playful invitation to the audience to rediscover Max-Joseph-Platz together with the performers as a stage for everyone and as a meeting space. Existing structures and hierarchies are questioned and the framework they seem to provide is exploded. The square in the centre of the city, bordered by traditional cultural sites, becomes a dazzling interplay of a redefining urban society: where pigeons practice flying every day and city visitors rest on the long bench in front of the Residenz, playing places encourages people to enter into a relationship with this hustle and to experience it from different perspectives. The impulse for this festival of coming together is provided by the young audience from all over Munich and the performers, who weave together aspects of contemporary dance, performance art and street dance as well as soundscapes and live instrumental performance. 


Barbara Galli, Simone Lindner, Lara Paschke and Katharina Voigt develop performative interventions in public space in collective collaboration. Their individual backgrounds in contemporary dance, cultural mediation and architecture and the idiosyncrasies of their respective experiences interweave to create a multi-faceted collaborative work. Questioning existing roles and agencies is not only the theme of their work, but a central component of their collective's self-image.


playing places will be premiered as part of the Think Big! Festival 2022.

A public final rehearsal will take place on Thursday, 07.07.2022 at 11.00 am.


Production: Fokus Tanz. The development of this performance partly is funded of a grant by the dance section of the Ministry of Culture and is moderated by the renowned dance dramaturge Peggy Olislaegers. 

Supported by DIEHL+RITTER/ TANZPAKT RECONNECT, funded by the Federal Government Commissioner for Culture and Media as part of the initiative NEUSTART KULTUR. Support programme for dance.

location: Max-Joseph-Platz, 80539 Munich


Sunday, 10th July, 5 pm

35 min | for everybody