Plans have changed. All of them.

After planning for almost two years, we now, in May 2020, see a completely new way of asking the question that has been driving us ever since the first beginning of THINK BIG!
What moves us? And how? And what needs to happen that you want to jump up and join the dance?

The seventh iteration of the biannual festival Think Big! in Munich should have taken place 9th-18th July. This international festival is run by FOKUS TANZ / Tanz und Schule e.V. in cooperation with the Schauburg and fills a cultural gap. The programme targets an audience from age 6 upwards. The mornings are filled with performances for school classes, the evenings bring shows for families and youth groups. Artists from all over the world were meant to introduce a total of 15 productions via two programmes: "explore dance" was meant to be a kind of prequel to "Think Big" and should have presented seven pieces (some of them world premieres) from Potsdam, Hamburg, and Munich, which had been developed within the framework of "explore dance - the network for a young audience" in the months before.


Don't give up, but improvise! or how to run an international dance festival for a young audience in Corona times (working title)

A short film project by Benedict Mirow / Nightfrog and Miria Wurm for this year's Think Big! #7

The THINK BIG! film will be shown right on time for the opening of the festival on the 9th July. Benedict Mirow (Nightfrog Media & Film), who is known for extraordinary documentaries of music and dance (e.g. about Richard Siegal and Hilary Hahn) joins Miria Wurm to create a film-based portrait of the festival. Under the working title "Don't give up, but improvise! or how to run an international dance festival for a young audience in Corona times", the companies and curators that have been invited to the festival reflect on the current situation and look for answers.





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Symposium: Methods of reflecting on perception

The exchange format that was originally planned as a supplement to the festival will now take place in a modified way. It has been shortened and as of now is planned to be conducted in a mix of people physically present and others joining via videoconference.

In addition to conversations with the artists, namely the choreographers Joke Laureyns, Kwint Manshoven (Kabinet K), and Christine Devaney (Curious Seed), there will be a lecture by Katarina Kleinschmidt (university of Hildesheim) about methods of reflecting, as well as an impulse workshop about listening, it's transference, and about dramaturgical concepts of conscious sensory perception (Christiane Plank-Baldauf and Johannes Gaudet).
The question about evoked ways of perception of dance amongst the young audience is at the centre of this enquiry as much as the methods of exchange that can be deducted from it and applied on it.



Up Feature

explore dance
Pop Up Feature
9th /10th July 2020

The pop up pieces that were created for classrooms and public spaces within the framework "explore dance - the network for a young audience" are mobile and adjustable and therefore are ideal to fit the current operational production limitations. This is why these pieces can be shown in our reduced version of what was originally planned for the festival. The centrepiece of the two day pop up features in the Mufathalle and in HochX as well as in the virtual space is the showcase with a piece by Anna Konjetzky (MOVE MORE MORPH IT!) and the Munich premiere of deufert&plischke (spinnen) as well as a lecture by the dramaturge and dance activist Peggy Olislaegers from Amsterdam. All this is complemented by a various conversation sets about dance for a young audience in urban and rural spaces with Elisabeth Nehring, artists (Moritz Frischkorn, Alfredo Zinola, and others), and teachers.