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BRONKS / Randi de Vlieghe - THE HAPPY FEW © Clara Hermans  

BRONKS / Randi De Vlieghe


location: Schauburg
Wednesday, 6th July, 10 am and 7 pm


Choreography & Direction: Randi De Vlieghe  |  With: Jotka Bauwens, Adnane Lamarti, Arne Luiting, Laurence Roothooft, Gaspard Rozenwajn | Music: Michiel De Malsche | Costume: Valerie Le Roy | Artistic advice: Veerle Kerckhoven | Stage design: BRONKS, Jan De Brabander & Tom De With | Photos: Clara Hermans

Fake News or New Fakes? In today’s world, everyone seems to want to take on every possible role, and above all at the same time: politician, academic, consumer, producer, activist, nihilist, capitalist, terrorist, idealist! Five performers continuously transform and invent new identities with the aim to develop the ultimate, optimal offering in personalities for all those, who cannot afford the luxury to choose between reality and an Instagram dream. Are they stand-up comedians? Are they martyrs? Are they snobbish wannabes? Are they super-human dance virtuosos or insane doomsayers? Only one thing is certain: They are five amazing transformation artists, who celebrate a festival of identities. 

BRONKS is one of the leading theatre and production houses in Belgium that target a young audience. Working on “The Happy Few”, the director, dancer, choreographer, and actor Randi de Vlieghe took inspiration from social media and their sometimes deceptive temptation to be able to switch identities at any time.

Production: BRONKS
With support of taxshelter / Belgian Federal Government.

location: Schauburg

Wednesday, 6th July, 10 am and 7 pm

95 min | 12+

in English, German, French and Dutch with German surtitles

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